21st Reflections | Smoother Skin
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Small Batch Nutrition

for Smoother Skin

Who We Are!

21st-Reflections was developed to bring our unique, patented technology to help women get smoother skin. Our new patented branch of chemistry using traditional legumes, like peas, creates an environment that makes hydrophobic molecules want to hide inside our magic molecule to escape from water. It is in the welcoming arms of our technology that these skin-smoothing nutraceuticals are tamed and become invisible; the nasty flavors disappear.

That is why and how we developed these products; the first in a long line of future foods, to make it easier for women to take extra nutrients without pills. To help women perform better, live better and look better. We use only scientifically researched ingredients and well regarded traditional nutraceuticals to create powerful and top-of-the-class nutritional supplements; we call them Hyperfoods. All our ingredients have pedigrees of traditional and scientific validation. We specialize in making extreme nutrition easy..

who we are

Boutique Nutraceuticals!

We provide you a wide range of collagen-boosting and nutritional supplements for smoother skin. It can be very difficult to get the minimum recommended nutrients through our daily diet. For example, to get the potassium in one bottle of 21st Reflections you would have to eat seven bananas and to match the zinc, 1 ½ pounds of spinach; and our proven collagen peptides aren’t even available through regular foods. It is clear; serious women need to take serious action, take control. <h2>Taking supplements in pill form isn’t the answer <h2>. First, many women find pills hard to take. Many of us can’t easily swallow pills and certainly not the 30 pills a day you would need to take just to match just one bottle of 21st Reflections HyperFood. And you couldn’t, or shouldn’t, drink the 70 glasses of red wine to match the resveratrol contained in just one bottle of 21st Reflections. We create better nutritional supplements for plumper, smoother skin using a perfect blend of ancient knowledge and new science. We provide dietary supplements which offer additional nutrition that just can’t get in any other way.

anti aging bananas

Our Story

At the 21st Reflection, we turn people’s dreams into reality. Fifteen years ago, we discovered the secret to one of the world’s most ancient foods. Peas. Like all legumes, peas have a unique structure, one that has been historically appreciated by civilization around the world. Not only do legumes like peas have a wonderful source of protein but their carbohydrate structure is unique.

The Other Side of Peas

Pea protein isolate has become one of the most popular sources in protein foods. But hidden inside the other side of peas lies a very functional starch component and this component has been used for thousands of years to improve food. We call this product AmyletiX. A patented molecule extracted for pea starch, AmyletiX is a slinky shaped molecule with a core that is hydrophobic. That means that hydrophobic nutraceuticals hide from the water inside our AmyletiX molecule; and then they seem to disappear! They disperse so they are easier to mix in water and their awful flavors disappear so we can make food and drink that taste good while delivering amazing nutrition.

If you’ve read this then take advantage of this unusual offer. Use the coupon code “OurStoryFree” to receive a free sample of 21st Reflections HyperFood Elixir. We’ll even ship it for free. As you might imagine, this offer is extremely limited. Serious Science for Serious Women

about us

Our Mission

What is our mission? To use our technological advantage to provide a path to a healthy and better life for women; to address the various natural forces which challenge women daily; we believe that women are the most powerful force on earth and a woman with sound health and freedom from natural distractions is more powerful than.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a nutritional leader by revolutionizing the life of a woman. Sure, today’s woman deserves glowing skin, bones and joints but as importantly she deserves the distraction from fluctuating cycles to focus on greater objectives. That’s where the mood enhancement features of the 21st Reflection come in; take the edge off, naturally. Freedom to Focus and the power is real.

Plump Your Skin from Within

5,000 milligrams of peptides per bottle proven to rebuild the collagen of your skin
All through these specially designed peptides circulating in your body waiting to feed the foundation of your skin.
Read the research and see for yourself
A perfect mate to your current skin serums and lotions; They take care of the outside, we take care of the inside, rebuilding the structure and the foundation of your skin. From within!
As the collagen structure is rebuilt, wrinkles fill-in and puff up; lines quietly begin to diminish. Not from temporary water hydration but from building actual permanent skin foundations.

This is the most complete women’s dietary supplement available; and it’s in a delicious drink.


The 21st Reflection is a revolutionary skin rehabilitator and a wrinkle remover and, it is also a mood and thinking elixir all combined with proven UTI prevention. We have the power to deliver it all

I knew that my technology, my Magic Molecule™, and its ability to hide, and dissolve bad-tasting nutraceuticals could provide mega-bonuses for the other things that can haunt women. So, I thought about what else women need. Of course, smooth skin is important. It reflects a measure of who you are. Your laugh lines, the years of chasing the sun, the traumas, and the joys of your life, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, the roads not taken, the decisions made; they all leave a map of who you are, or maybe who you were. But, even if you could, you might not want to erase that all; maybe you want to leave a trace of it, a bit of mystery, “Did she or didn’t she?”.

Deep wrinkles may tell more than you want. Leave just an echo of your experience by filling in or preventing the deepest lines from forming in the first place. Instead of shouting “This is me!” you may want to give a knowing smile, as if to say “I know”

The 21st Reflection delivers complex nutraceuticals in one great tasting supplement. More benefits than ever before; Skin reconstruction, bones, joints, mood/brain and an added bonus of UTI protection (because I can).


We have discovered some secrets of nature! It is, delicious and refreshing. Drop in today or send an email to get in touch with our customer support group. And watch for new product introductions for even more ways to achieve control.