21st Reflections | How AmyletiX works
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How AmyletiX works

The “Magic” behind the remarkable products of the 21st Reflections is our patented ‘Guest/Host’ chemistry. Our slinky-shaped AmyletiX® molecule, derived from ordinary peas, has a secret inner core that is hydrophobic. That means that when we add hydrophobic nutraceuticals to an AmyletiX solution, the nutraceuticals immediately hide from the water inside our molecule making a molecular dispersion. Very unusual. And, very effective.


This is great for several reasons. For example, the famous nutraceutical, resveratrol, is notoriously hydrophobic. It just will not dissolve in water. But add it to our AmyletiX system and the resveratrol disappears into a kind of solution. This makes the resveratrol very available to your digestive system and you get more bang for the buck. And, using that magic we can deliver therapeutic doses of resveratrol. A recent study proved that a daily dose of 100 mg of resveratrol significantly impacted blood glucose levels, so we formulate for every bottle of 21st Reflections to contain 110 mg of resveratrol. You would have to drink over 120 glasses of red wins a day to match that!



Hydrophobic nutraceuticals such resveratrol and phenylethylamine are also very bitter tasting. When you drink red wine, the most popular source of resveratrol, you don’t notice the bitterness because the resveratrol content is very low. But when you try to take therapeutic doses of resveratrol you normally take it in a tablet form or a bad tasting concentrate. But, add resveratrol to our AmyletiX solution and the bitterness completely disappears!


The combination of dispersion and bitterness removal gives the 21st Reflections the power to deliver a wide range of health ingredients in delicious products. Our Maria Juanita™ product delivers skin, bones, joint and mood benefits all in one delicious drink.  Look for more and more of our innovative delivery products soon.