21st Reflections | Mood
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Anxiety doesn’t only have physical impacts, it also affects you psychologically and your mood is the most affected part. Glutamine and Tyrosine are two key nutrients present in 21st Reflections HyperFoodthat help modulate your mood. Glutamine helps with moodiness, anxiety and insomnia while Tyrosine is a mood elevator used in clinical practice for treating depressionand fatigue. Tyrosine, a natural amino acid, is part of many meatsand is a natural antidepressant. Theobromine and Phenylethylamine, sometimes called the ‘love drug’ are key components of chocolate, and account for the love affair many have with chocolate. In our dietary supplement they can help to improve mood, focus, and energy. In addition to these nutrients, Gaba is one of the key brainchemicals helpful in regulating mood and anxiety. 21st Reflection provides you with a great combination of all these multi-nutraceuticals in one delicious product.

Here’s More Information About the Mood Influencers

  • Gaba – called the “Speakers Friend” because it calms ‘stage fright’
  • beta Caryophylene – can cut your craving, relieve your pain.
  • Tyrosine – proven to regulate mood and stimulate the nervous system.
  • Phenylethylamine – called the “Love Drug”; It’s why people Crave chocolate. We’ve got it, but without the usual sugar. And we also have
  • Theobromine – the partner in chocolate that acts like a stimulant
  • Citicoline – proven to increase supply of oxygen to your brain for a more alert you.
  • Glutamine – called “Brain Fuel” because it’s one of the few fuels that go back and forth easily
  • alpha-Pinene – a terpene that that moderates those strange impulses you have – sometimes.
  • Limonene, Linalool and Myrcene – terpenes from nature to cut your anxiety and let you chill.
  • Theanine – to cut the jitters from that coffee you had
  • Tryptophan – our old friend to supply the brain with the chemical messengers seratonin and melatonin.