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How Does Your Skin Work

How Does Your Skin Work?

The skin is the largest and the most visible organ of the body. To properly take care of your skin and make it look fresh and young, it helps to know how it works. Here is what you need to know about how does your skin work!


Skin Layers

We all know about the most obvious layer of the skin; the upper or outer layer, but there are three layers of our skin including:


It is the top-most outer layer of the skin made-up of the oldest cells. Upper layer of skin protect rest of the two layers from moisture, pollutants, and help retain nutrients inside.



Middle layer of the skin is called the dermis. This layer of the skin is the key point where epidermis and dermis meet creating a junction called epidermal junction-network of blood vessels. All the primary functions related to skin take place in this layer because all the proteins, blood vessels and glands are located here, in the Dermis.


Hypodermis also called Subcutaneous Tissue. It is the first layer of skin, mainly composed of blood vessels, fat and nerves. The key purpose of this layer is to keep entire body cushioned and insulated.


Collagen & elastin are two essential proteins that give your skin the right structure and support. Collagen and elastin work in partnership to create and build skin strength, firmness, and shape. Natural aging depletes the skin of these two key proteins. Collagen is basically responsible for structure and firmness of the skin. As collagen degrades, wrinkles start to appear on your skin. Collagen degrades for two key reasons: aging & constant exposure to extreme UV rays. Elastin is another important protein that helps your skin to bounce back after being stretched. Your skin sags due to reduction in elasticity.

Anti-Aging Approach From the Inside Out

A clear understanding of your skin’s function is important to create an effective skin care regime. External care of your skin only takes you half way. In addition to a good external skin care regime, it is essential to adopt an effective nutritional anti-aging strategy.


21st Reflection’s Collagen Peptide HyperFood Dietary Supplement increases collagen levels and help keep a good level of essential skin proteins. Our nutritional drink helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles and as a bonus, helps to maintain a good mood. Our formula contains unique blends of ingredients (including our special carbohydrates like Isomaltulose for sustained energy and Mannose for UTI protection and our AmyletiX; the magic that puts it all together) that keep you and your skin healthy and feeling young.


When it comes to maintaining a younger looking skin, The 21st Reflectiont is the most comprehensive and effective solution for the overall appearance of your skin.


Please contact us if you have any question about how does your skin work.

Anti-Aging Approach From the Inside Out