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You probably know that collagen is an important component of your body. But what is collagen exactly? It is the most abundant protein in our bodies, found in bones, blood vessels, skin, tendons and our digestive system. Collagen is something that gives your skin elasticity and strength. Our production of collagen naturally slows down as we age. Reduction in production leads to dull & sagging skin & weaker bones and joints. On the other hand, helping our body’s production and availability of collagen in the body improves skin condition and reduces joint and bone problems.

Using Anti-aging Creams & Serums Is Only Part of the Answer


Every woman knows of the importance of adopting a good skin care routine. Women are especially advised to use anti-aging creams & serums to protect layers of collagen especially against the devastation of the sun’s UV rays. There are numerous cosmetic lotions, creams and serums to protect the skin’s surface. But, with time, managing our human body becomes more complex; it requires something additional- a different way to boost level of collagen into whole body.

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A New Way-Feed Your Skin From The Inside


Cosmetic lotions, creams and serums help to maintain levels of collagen. But collagen molecules are large and can’t be fully absorbed through skin. Here at 21st Solutions we have pioneered a new technology; a solution that feeds your body from inside to use your body’s circulatory system to boost the collagen level in the inner layers of your skin.

A Collagen Peptide HyperFood


Our revolutionary, patented nutraceutical delivery system is a healthy and tasty nutritional supplement that not only improves your skin’ foundation, but also nourishes your bones and joints. The 21st Reflection provides you effective and delicious tasting nutrition in just one drink.


Taking care of your skin doesn’t need to be complicated; it doesn’t need to require a lot of time. It can be done just as easily as having your morning juice or smoothie. You can keep your skin healthy and young by using one soluble drink- 21st ReflectionsCollagen Peptide Hyper Food.

Collagen Structure