21st Reflections | Facial Lines
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Facial Lines

We often hear the term “fine lines” According to experts, fine lines occur due to repeated muscular movement. People who smile often develop these fine lines earlier as compared to those who don’t. You might wonder how a smile can cause facial lines.


Well, when the skin is young it easily snaps back into place after a facial expression, but with time it starts losing elasticity making fine lines a little more permanent. In short, not one smile, but the continuous facial muscular movement of life can result in tiny fine lines in the skin. In other words, fine line on the skin is a sign of the passing of time.


The experiences of life aren’t the only contributors of fine lines in the skin. Premature aging can result from some of the outside forces of life. When your skin is excessively exposed to sun, it causes a loss of skin moisture and a reduction of elasticity resulting in the appearance of fine lines. Premature aging of the skin can also result from hereditary factors.

anti aging wrinkle remove (Facial Lines)

The most popular treatments to prevent and repair skin aging are creams and serums to try to replace moisture and prevent further loss. The most important of these incorporate UV ray blockers to limit sun damageand daily sun protection make a huge difference. The usage of anti-aging creams, serums, lotions can also be very beneficial. Many of these products are very important and some of them even incorporate peptides. But they repair your skin externally, from the outside-in whereas your skin requires a deep solution that can heal it from the inside-out.


That’s why the 21st Reflection product line was developed. Our nutraceutical drink contains scientifically proven collagen peptides that actually rebuild the skin from the internal layers, puffing up the cells to cause a decrease in external creases and lines.

Our technology almost magically hides a wide variety of other nutraceuticals, we would use our 21st Reflections platform to deliver extra nutrients to give you a more pleasant day. Sort of, while we’re at it lets provide some well-known mood modifiers like GABA, tyrosine, theanine and others to buffer the trials of the day. And we included joint-health nutrients such a calcium fructoborate and MSM and hyaluronic acid. And we’re the world’s first beverage to incorporate terpenes for additional wellbeing.