21st Reflections | Hard to get Vitamins
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Hard-to-get Vitamins

Vitamins are organic compounds essential for normal physiological functioning. We obtain vitamins from variety of sources such as daily diet/supplements because the body can’t create them itself quickly to meet daily requirements. It is essential to replenish vitamins to avoid chronic health conditions.


Here is list of vitamins that are hard to get, but you can easily obtain them through 21st Reflection’ Maria Juanita Hyper Food.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also known as calciferol. It is needed for the absorption of phosphorous and calcium. If vitamin D isn’t balanced with the proper ratio of the minerals calcium and magnesium much of its benefits are lost. 21st Reflections has the optimum level to efficiently improve immune system, help to prevent osteoporosis and support your neuromuscular system while reducing inflammation.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A or retinol plays an efficient role in improving quality of skin and bones. Presence of Vitamin A in your body helps in the elimination of harmful radicals from the body and improves reproduction system, skin texture, bone density and joint health. Another key function of this vitamin is to maintain good vision as we age. It maintains cornea and epithelial cells of the eyes.

Vitamin C