21st Reflections | Bones joints
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bones joints

Bones Joints

Aging can be a traumatic factor that brings changes in our behavior. More importantly it affects our physiology; there is a decline in our biological functions. Apart from the skin, aging tends to affect bones and joints. According to experts, aging is one of the largest demographics in the bone and joint market. Our bones tend to lose strength and thickness and we become less able to perform some of the mechanical functions we used to rely on.


In United States, low bone mass is threatening more than 40 million individuals. According to National Osteoporosis Foundation, 15% of women will break bone once in their life time. Men also suffer from bone and joint problems, but women are more prone to these types of health problems. According to estimates, there are more than 19 million people in America, who are suffering from joint problems. Osteoarthritis has become 4th common disability all around the world and the key cause is aging. Taking care of bones and joints is important.

As we age, our body becomes less efficient at storing calcium and other important vitamins and minerals that are vital for proper functioning of bones and joints. The 21st Reflection provides a healthy and delicious solution to fulfill the daily requirements of nutrients.